About Smartnion

Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and Smartnion is no exception. It has changed how we live our lives, how we work from home, how we socialize with one another and the list goes on. We wonder what we can do to make everybody’s life better.

Smartnion used to provide review on smart devices because we notice that many top rated smart devices are not as great as they appear in the authority sites. We’re dismayed that products that are not working or the services that are not available outside US are being advertised locally. To protect consumer’s interest, we decide to identify and review products that are world-friendly.

Meanwhile, we also want to share information that are helpful for people to cope with the new age of Coronavirus. Whenever we find tips, DIY or updates that are useful for everybody, we want to share them here.

Do We Make Commissions from the Affiliate Links?

Yes, we do. Our affiliate links are in the form of photos and texts highlighted in blue color with an outgoing arrow. Without the outgoing arrow, the blue texts are links to other pages with related information.

By placing the pointer over the photos or blue texts, the links appear at the lower left corner of the screen. Access the affiliate links and you’ll get additional information on product, pricing, delivery, related products, buyer’s reviews and more.

Please refer to our Disclosure for more details on how we get paid.

Are We Biased in Our Reviews?

In a way, we are. We only review products that are world-friendly. What this means is that even if the product is No. 1 in US, we won’t review it unless we’re satisfied that the product works outside US and the services are available. If the product works well without the service, then we’ll include it in our review too.

On the other hand, we’re not biased on any product because we don’t get paid to review them. Nor do we get any sponsorship, favor, discount or free sample from any company. Therefore, we’ve zero obligation to give favorable review to any product or company.

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We thank you for your time for reading Smartnion posts. After reading them, we hope that you can make an informed decision on whether the product is really what you’re looking for.

We appreciate your feedback on how we can improve your experience here.