Best smart door locks provide advanced warning in additional to security.

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Like mechanical door locks, expect smart locks to provide the same or better level of security for your home. In addition, smart locks have the capabilities of remote locking and unlocking, auto-locking, entry logging, forced-entry alerts and more.

The tempering alerts sent to smartphone are extremely useful for taking immediate action while break-in is in progress, instead of getting a shock of your life at the door step. Another advantage is that many are compatible with smart speakers and smart controllers.

Important Considerations for Best Smart Door Locks

  1. The last thing you want is to get locked out by your new smart lock due to flat battery or so on. Look for smart locks that come with fail-safe backup access method like a mechanical key access.
  2. Is the smart lock dimensions compatible with the existing door hole measurements?
  3. For remote monitoring and control, proprietary controller may be provided as part of a smart door lock kit. While some models rely on popular open-system smart hubs like SmartThings hub.

For dimension requirements and installation instructions for the recommended smart door locks, refer to the respective info within the posts. Unless you’ve experience in installing door lock, it’s better to engage a locksmith for this task.

Smart Lock Pro + Connect (UK version here).

August smart lock is easier to install because it keeps the existing exterior deadbolt. Only the interior assembly is replaced. Your smartphone is the key to unlock this smart device. In the unfortunate event where your smartphone is not with you, you can use the existing mechanical key to unlock it. The downside of this lock are it requires an existing deadbolt to install and the security depends on the existing hardware.  Click on the title to learn more

Models: (1) August Smart Lock Pro (2) August Smart Lock (3) August Smart Lock with HomeKit.

Note: Remote locking and unlocking features require August Connect Wi-Fi bridge.

Kwikset Kevo (UK version here).

With Kwikset Kevo, it’s not obvious that you’ve upgraded to a smart door lock as it looks like an ordinary deadbolt. However, it’s packed with smart features like keeping track of locking and unlocking, notifications and granting access. In addition, this smart lock is highly dependable as it’s BHMA certified and UL fire rated. This smart lock senses your smartphone and you can unlock it effortlessly by touching the deadbolt. New models are available for stylish look and keeping existing deadbolt. Click on the title to learn more.

OptionsSatin Nickel, Polished Brass and Venetian Bronze.

Models: (1) Kevo Contemporary, (2) Kevo Traditional (3) Kevo Convert

Noted: Remote control features of Kevo smart lock require the use of Kevo Plus.

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