Kwikset Smart Door Lock

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Kwikset Kevo Smart Door Lock

Kevo 2 (UK version here).

Kwikset Kevo 2 may look ordinary but it’s highly intelligent. This is because it’s good at keeping track of locking and unlocking, sending notifications and granting access. Indeed, it’s also highly dependable because it’s BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association – North American hardware standards) certified and UL (Underwriters Laboratories – global safety standards) fire rated. No more fumbling for keys, you can unlock it effortlessly by giving it a gentle touch.

To position itself as the top favorite, Kwikset has introduced a more fashionable design called Kevo Contemporary. Meanwhile, the original Kevo is rebranded as Kevo Traditional. In addition, Kevo Convert is also available now for those who prefer to keep the existing deadbolts.

How This Smart Door Lock Protects Your Home

  • Free Kevo app for unlocking by touching the lock, sending eKeys to family, friends and guests, lock/unlock event history, notifications and more.

  • Lock and unlock quickly by touching the lock surface instead of fumbling for mechanical key.

  • Save time and worry-free with auto-locking feature.

  • Auto unlock with positioning technology when your smartphone is detected from outside (not inside).

  • Bluetooth wireless technology with military-grade encryption for software security.

  • Provide reliable protection with industry security standards for residential like ANSI grade 2, BHMA certified and UL fire rated.

  • Advanced SmartKey Security against lock picking and bumping.

Why This Smart Door Lock is Our First Choice

  • International delivery from US is available.

  • Huge saving as compared to local purchase due to no mark-up and low international delivery fee

  • Available models are Kevo Contemporary, Kevo Traditional and Kevo Convert.

  • In case of access difficulties due to misplaced smartphone, crashed smartphone, flat battery, no signal etc, the mechanical key access is available as backup method

  • Battery operated is suitable in any country

  • Available color options are Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Venetian Bronze

When Our Smart Door Lock Truly Shines

  • Kevo Plus for remote locking and unlocking capabilities should be included as a kit.

  • FOB keys should be included as free accessories.

  • Warranty should not be limited in US or UK market.

Who the Family and Friends Are

Amazon, Ring, Skybell, Nest, Honeywell and others

What to Check Before Buying

Verify that you can download the free app and run the app in your smartphone. If you can’t find this app in your local Google Play store or Apple App Store, then download it from US app store directly.

Where to Go From Here

Due to the international shipping costs and custom duties, it’s worth buying locally even when the price is slightly higher than overseas prices. The only 2 reasons why you should buy the recommended items here are: 1) the items are not available locally, 2) the local prices are significantly higher.

Kwikset Kevo 2 is our No. 1 choice of best smart home door locks but don’t just take our words for it. Explore our top choice for comparison.

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Dimension Requirements

The following measurements are provided by the manufacturer datasheet. You should check all the measurements to ensure that this product is compatible with your existing door. Refer to the installation video below for more details.

  • Crossbore diameter (on front/back surface) = 54mm (2-1/8”) or 38mm (1-1/2”)
  • Backset (crossbore center to edge) = 60mm (2-3/8”) or 70mm (2-3/4”)
  • Latch bore diameter (on edge surface) = 25mm (1”)
  • Door thickness = 35mm (1-3/8”) or 44mm (1-3/4”)

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