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Logitech Circle 2

Circle 2 (UK version here).

Logitech Circle 2 smart cameras are standalone Wi-Fi devices and base station is not necessary. The standard features are digital zoom, 2-way talk, motion detection, 180º field-of-view, night vision and so on. However, the free cloud storage is good for 24 hours only which is common for most smart security cameras.

Paid subscriptions plans are available for extended storage in selected countries but the supporting country info is no longer available. Since these smart cameras are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, the cost is therefore higher.

Why This Smart Indoor Security Camera Competitor is Our Top Choice

  • International delivery from US and UK are available.

  • Huge saving as compared to local purchase due to no mark-up and low international delivery fee

  • Universal power adapter rating of 100-240 VAC is suitable for all countries.

  • Available options are Wired and Wire-Free.

  • Wire-Free option is suitable for all countries including Asia.

  • Optional accessories for window mount, plug mount, weatherproof extension and rechargeable battery.

How This Smart Indoor Security Camera Competitor Monitors Our Home

  • Free Logi Circle app for streaming live HD video, downloading unlimited amount of video effortlessly, receiving instant visual snapshot notifications when unexpected motion is detected and more.

  • The weatherproof construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • With 1080p HD video quality with integrated night vision, viewing and recording are very clear even under poor light condition or at night.

  • Any movement in front of the camera will be recorded due to its 180° field-of-view with motion detection. If the object is too small, use the digital zoom function.

  • Conversation is possible with built-in speaker and mic for 2-way talk or use this feature for scaring the living daylight of the intruder.

  • View up to 24 hours of recorded HD videos in free cloud storage. Optional paid subscription plan is available for extended recording.

  • When away from home, turn on smart location function for sending motion-detected alerts.

When Our Smart Indoor Security Camera Competitor Becomes Even Better

  • The device power plug type should be universal so that we don’t need to use traveler adapters for these devices.

  • Optional paid subscription plan Circle Safe with advanced features and storage beyond 24 hours should be available in all countries.

  • Warranty should not be limited in US or UK market.

What to Check Before Buying

Verify that you can download the free app and run the app in your smartphone. If you can’t find this app in your local Google Play store or Apple App Store, then you download it from US app store directly.

Where to Go From Here

Due to the international shipping costs and custom duties, it’s worth buying locally even when the price is slightly higher than overseas prices. The only 2 reasons why you should buy the recommended items here are: 1) the items are not available locally, 2) the local prices are significantly higher.

Logitech Circle 2 is our top choice of best smart home indoor security cameras but don’t just take our words for it. Explore our first choice for more comparison.

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