Best smart outdoor security cameras are useless if they can’t withstand outdoor weathers.

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Night vision, 1080p HD video quality, motion detection. speaker and mic, cloud storage are smart features available in most smart security cameras. However, for outdoor surveillance, wide-angle view and digital zoom are important for wider coverage and detailed investigation.

For harsh outdoor conditions, weather-resistant construction is a must. Meanwhile, battery option is a welcomed choice for outdoor surveillance. With battery as the power source, it saves the trouble of cable installation as well as the risk of cable cutting by intruder.

To work with other smart home devices, they must be compatible with smart speakers or smart controllers. Otherwise, they’re not different from conventional security cameras.

Important Considerations for Best Smart Outdoor Security Cameras

  1. Are the basic features like video recording, 2-way comm and so on available without subscription plan? If no, consider models that include these features as standard and free.
  2. Do we really need the the advanced features like 24/7 recording which is normally available in paid subscription plan? If yes, verify that the plan is available in our country.
  3. The camera must be weather resistant to withstand outdoor heat, cold and water. Cheaper indoor security cameras may work for a while but they won’t last too long.

We prefer smart security cameras that work out of the box because paid subscription plans are generally not available outside US. Indeed, why pay more when they’re free in many competing brands?

Netgear Arlo (UK version here).

The Arlo outdoor models come with generous 7 days of fee cloud storage. This’s a big plus because most of the competitors provide free cloud storage for 24 hours only. They have standard smart features like notification, motion detection, 2-way audio and so on. Unfortunately, these outdoor models (except Arlo Go) require a base station to work. As a result, they’re more expensive due to the base cost. Click on the title to learn more.

Indoor – Arlo Q.
Outdoor – Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3, Arlo Ultra and Arlo Go.
Baby – Arlo Baby.

Note: All outdoor models except Arlo Go require a base station to work.

Circle 2 (UK version here).

Logitech Circle 2 free cloud storage is 24 hours like most of the competing brands. For extended storage, paid subscriptions plans are available in selected countries only. However, you can save without a base station since it works as a standalone Wi-Fi device. The standard features include digital zoom, 2-way talk, motion detection, 180º field-of-view, night vision and so on. Click on the title to learn more.

Options: Wired and Wire-Free.

Explore here for more smart home devices which are working well with these best outdoor security cameras.

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