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Nest Protect

Nest Protect (UK version here).

Although Nest Protect doesn’t detect flaming fire as soon as expected, it’s the first smart home smoke detector which can detect both types of fires. Designed with split-spectrum sensor technology, it can detect both slow smoldering fire and fast flaming fires. The pathlight illumination is very useful at night when you walk under it. Before smoke or CO reaches dangerous level, the head-up alarms provide ample time to react accordingly. Best of all, the alarms are spoken in friendly human voice.

Why This Smart Smoke Detector is Our First Choice

  • International delivery from US and UK are available

  • Huge saving as compared to local purchase due to no mark-up and low international delivery fee

  • Nest ecosystem has the advantage of monitoring and controlling different smart devices in Nest family and limited 3rd-party smart devices within a single Nest app.

  • Battery option is suitable in any country

  • Wired option has the advantage of having batteries as backup power but the installation of power wires is more troublesome. (note: US & UK power ratings are not compatible with each other)

How This Smart Smoke Detector Protects Our Home

  • Free Nest app for sending smoke or CO alerts; silencing alarms; status of batteries, sensors and Wi-Fi connection; Safety Check-Up tests of all alarms; safety history and more.

  • Split-spectrum sensor technology detects both slow smoldering and fast flaming fires without nuisance alarms.

  • Send alerts to mobile devices on smoke or CO detection, low battery status and sensor failure.

  • Alert smoke or CO alarms in friendly human voice.

  • Works as an ecosystem of Nest Thermostat, Nest Secure alarm system, Nest Cam security cameras, Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest x Yale lock and Nest Protect smoke & CO detector.

When Our Smart Smoke Detector Becomes Even Better

  • The Nest ecosystem should be open to all 3rd-party smart devices.

  • Warranty should not be limited in US or UK market.

What to Check Before Buying

Verify that you can download the free app and run the app in your smartphone. If you can’t find this app in your local Google Play store or Apple App Store, then download it from US app store directly.

Where to Go From Here

Due to the international shipping costs and custom duties, it’s worth buying locally even when the price is slightly higher than overseas prices. The only 2 reasons why you should buy the recommended items here are: 1) the items are not available locally, 2) the local prices are significantly higher.

Nest Protect is our No. 1 choice of best smart smoke detectors but don’t just take our words for it. Explore our top choice for more comparison.

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