Best smart smoke detectors keep us safe while working from home.

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The standard features are smoke and carbon monoxide detection like the traditional smoke detectors. The new smart features are smoke alarm push notification for remote monitoring, friendly warning voice, night light and more. Instead of high-pitched sirens, you’ll enjoy the early warning alarms in friendly human voice from these smart smoke detectors.

One of the most attractive features of smart smoke detectors is the ability to interact with other smart home devices. For instance, when smoke is detected, you may want smart LED light bulbs to illuminate all escape routes. And you may also want smart door locks to unlock automatically for escape and so on. All these automation processes are possible with smart home hubs or virtual assistants.

Important Considerations for Best Smart Smoke Detectors

  1. Ionization sensors are better at detecting flaming fires but prone to nuisance alarms and contain radioactive materials
  2. Photoelectric sensors are superior at detecting smoldering fires.
  3. Split-Spectrum Sensors (Nest technology) are designed to detect a wide range of smoke events, including slow smoldering fires and fast flaming fires.

Ultimately, the smoke sensing technology will be the most important feature of any smoke detector, smart or traditional. Smart features are more like enhancements to the smoke detection technology.

First Alert Onelink sends alarm notification to your smartphone whenever smoke or CO is detected. The battery version has either a sealed battery (1st generation) or replaceable battery pack (2nd generation). The voice alarm is programmable to announce the exact alarm location. This smart smoke detector uses photoelectric sensor and is good at detecting slow smoldering fires only. For fast flaming fires detection, it’s recommended to complement it with another detector with ionization sensor. Click on the title to learn more.

Options: battery or wired

Alexa-enabled model: Onelinke Safe & Sound

Nest Protect (UK version here).

Although Nest Protect’s split-spectrum sensor doesn’t detect flaming fires as soon as it should, it’s capable of detecting both types of fires. On the other hand, the slow detection is designed such that it’s able to provide advanced warning before smoke or CO reaches dangerous level. In addition, the pathlight ring lights up automatically when you walk under it which is useful at night.. Click on the title to learn more.

Options: battery or wired

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